SME Optimization Training with HYDRO

Posted by : Admin - Selasa, 19 Maret 2019 pukul 08.39
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The Bandung SME Office in collaboration with CyberLabs held training for members of cooperatives and SMEs in Kora Bandung. The purpose of the event is to continue to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the community, especially the younger generation. The training participants were selected by MSMEs which had previously been fostered by the UMKM Office of the City of Bandung so that the majority already had products, but had not been marketed online. There are 2 main materials that the CyberLabs Team conveyed in this workshop. Namely the introduction of information technology and how to sell online with HYDRO. HYDRO itself is an online store platform developed by CyberLabs. With an affiliate system or more commonly known as a reseller, it facilitates MSMEs who are still confused by how to promote online. By introducing an online business, it is hoped that product marketing will become wider.
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