Cyberlabs Management Service (C.M.S)

CyberLabs Marketing Services (C.M.S)

CyberLabs Marketing Services or abbreviated C.M.S is a service for supporting your business in terms of online promotions.

Nowadays, internet users have more increase daily, proved from this data below which internet users in Indonesia have reached 150 million.

With the potential above, many promotion strategies have been changed, one kind of them the promotion which doesn't only focused on conventional marketing strategy, but it transforms into digital marketing.

Because of that, for suggestion the company owners use digital marketing strategy to reach the wider market.

Cyberlabs presents a service named 'C.M.S', a service which able to help the company owners for doing more effective digital marketing strategy.

Some marketing strategies which are should do below :
  1. SEO (Search Enggine Optimization)
  2. A digital marketing focused on optimizing your website ranking in search engine results such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and the other search engine.

  3. SEM (Search Enggine Marketing)
  4. A digital marketing focused on using purchased services which provide by those search engine such as Google Adword by Google, MSN Ad Center by MSN and others.

  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. A digital marketing focused on using purchased social media as promotion media from your business.

  7. Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. A digital marketing focused on using advertising per click services for promoting your business, one of them is Google Adword, Facebooks Ads, Instagram Ads and some other PPC Advertising services.

Besides some strategies above, there are have many other marketing strategies that support your business to be better known in nowadays information era.

For you who want to know more about C.M.S in optimizing your own business, you can contact us below :
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