Gambar Internship

Conor Pickering

<p>My name is Conor Pickering, I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am a third year business finance student/ marketing student at Mount Royal university. I worked at Cyberlabs for 2 months and have learned so much about Indonesian culture and business. I also got experience in the start up culture. Cyberlabs is a smaller company I got to work in multiple different fields like Public relations, Web development, marketing, and got to engage with the community. Overall, my experience with Cyberlabs was awesome and I have so many cherished memories! Thank you Cyberlabs !</p>

Gambar Internship

Dalida Licina

<p>If somebody asked me, how my time at CyberLabs was, I wouldn&rsquo;t know where to start...&nbsp;<br />I did a marketing internship for 2 months but I didn&rsquo;t only learn so much about marketing - things you won&rsquo;t learn at University - but also I learned very much about Entrepreneurship, what it is like to run your own business and all the things that have to be considered! You get the feeling that you could do so much more than you thought in the future after Uni! I also learned more about myself, what goals I want to reach!<br />But the best thing was the working atmosphere. The CyberLabs- Team is full with nice and hearty people that will always help you, whenever you have a problem.&nbsp;<br />If I could, I would do a second internship at CL :)</p>

Gambar Internship

Rudra Rathore

<p>Hi, my name is Rudra Rathore. I&#39;m from New Delhi, India. Visiting Indonesia at least once in life was always a dream for me, I always wanted to visit Bali, which unfortunately I couldn&#39;t this time but I believed there would be a next time. I was expecting Indonesia to be an absolute alien country but surprisingly, I found many elements from my native country there, like in language, clothes, food, etc. It helped me feel like home miles away from home. I lived with a loving family of a man, woman and four kids. At my workplace, environment was very friendly, people were very supportive and helped me learn a lot by giving me their own time during work hours. People were every sweet and kind. Two months passed in no time and bid the country adieu with tears in my eyes.</p>

Gambar Internship

Aya Ben Ltaifa

<p>If I&#39;m going to talk about my journey here I think that just words wont make it. In the start i felt alone, thousands miles away from my home and my familly, I was terrified, feeling like a total outsider, but now CyberLabs became a part of my familly. The most threaling part about my 2 months here is that I&#39;ve learned a lot. I started by working HTML and CSS, then I started working Business Intelligence, my very beloved major, even at that point you supported me and made feel so confident to fulfill my project, you putted a lot of trust in me and my abilities, and when I see what point I reached with this project I feel so proud of myself. I want to end this by thanking you all for letting me took this internship.</p>

Gambar Internship

Nouran Moataz Mosallam

<p>My name is Nouran. I major in computer science.&nbsp;<br />This summer I was intering with CyberLabs in Bandung ,Indonesia.<br />It was one of the most exeptional experinces in my life. The internship was in front end development , I really learned a lot that I could actually notice my progress. The intenship really taught me how to use the information I was taught in university and turn it into something really professional while also giving me the opportunity to work on real life projects. Not only that but I was also surrounded by many supportive and helpful people.</p>

Gambar Internship


<p>CyberLabs in collaboration with HIPMI and PUM held a &quot;Discussion Session&quot; with Expert from the Netherlands. The expert is &quot;Mr. Theo Speijers&quot; who is an expert in the field of ICT manager and director</p>

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